New Honda Airbag Set to Help Reduce Traffic Injuries and Fatalities

Honda recently announced that it has developed a new, innovative front passenger airbag. This new Honda airbag utilizes updated technology to help protect front-seat occupants in a variety of frontal collisions scenarios.

Honda engineers from Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Ohio created this new airbag, working alongside Autolive — one of the brand’s safety system suppliers.

“This new airbag technology represents Honda’s continuing effort to advance safety performance in a wider variety of crash scenarios and reflects the innovative thinking that our engineers are bringing to the challenge of reducing traffic injuries and fatalities,” said Jim Keller, President of Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

While conventional airbags typically have a single inflatable compartment to help prevent injuries and fatalities in collisions, the new Honda airbag uses next-generation technology to provide a safer experience.

In angled frontal impact collisions, the lateral collision forces can cause the occupant’s head to rotate or slide off the airbag. This new airbag uses four major components — three inflated compartments and a “sail panel” that stretches between the two side chambers at their outermost edge — to protect the occupant’s head. The “sail panel” in particular acts like a baseball catcher’s mitt, cradling the occupant’s head after a collision.

Honda will introduce this new advanced airbag design to new products in the United States in 2020. In the meantime, stop by Bill Page Honda and talk with a knowledgeable member of our staff about all of Honda’s other safety innovations.

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